EinScan Pro HD Scans Colorful Sneakers

For the online AR display Logan needed to create digital models of Rockdeep´s colorful sneakers. In order to create the working process as smooth and efficient as possible, he opted for the EinScan Pro HD 3D scanner with the Industrial Pack. Additionally he used the Color Pack to be able to capture the colorful designs of the Rockdeep shoes.

1. Scanning the Shoe

Image 2: Logan´s scanning setup with the EinScan Pro HD, Color Pack, Industrial Pack and the “Mother Africa” shoe

2. Software Processing

Image 3: the final scanning data of the shoe…

Image 4: …looks colorful and accurate

Image 5: …from every angle

“I was very impressed by the capabilities of the Einscan Pro HD. The software guided me through the whole process and worked without any issues. I scanned the shoe by features and rotated it on the turntable to capture all areas of the shoe. The software stitched those separate scans together into a seamless whole.”

-Logan Hamilton Davis, Professional 3D Artist

3. Processing of Scanning Data

Image 6: Thanks to the open output file formats of the EinScan Pro HD, the scanning data can be imported…

Image 7: …into a broad range of different data processing software. Logan used Blender to further work on his 3D scans.

“The model will eventually be used on the ROCKDEEP website to allow customers to inspect all areas of the shoe. It will also be used to create a design customizer to enable people to choose materials for each individual part of the shoe and speed up design iteration.”

-Logan Hamilton Davis, Professional 3D Artist

Image 8 : Final 3D model created from the scan with the EinScan Pro HD

“I was impressed by the range of applications (from art to industrial) and different scanning processes (fixed vs. freehand). The industrial and color packs added all the extra features I needed. The total price was within budget and significantly more approachable than other competitors. I was floored by the detail captured and the ease of use. It just works and works phenomenally.“