Digital Hearing Aids

The applications of 3D scanning and 3D optical measurement technology in customization of hearing aids are mainly as follows: 
  • Does not effect the ear and can get an accurate shape of  the ear quickly.  It improves the quality of current hearing aids when they are used for reverse design of customized hearing aids and earphone .
  • The digital file and detection result, when using the 3D scanner, can modeler calibrate an ear impression and correct the mistake by reusing the ear impression.
  • 3D printer can batch print different shaped shells of hearing of hearing aids at the same time.
  • It can also be used to produce other parts of hearing aids.


Simple, easy to use, efficiently and quick.

Dedicated 3D scanner and software are better for using by hearing aids technician

The automation makes 3D scanning easy by pressing only one key.

High precision of 3D scanned data ensures the effect of reverse design and accuracy of inspection.