3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping


SHINING 3D offers the latest rapid prototyping and 3D printing technologies to help customers realize product in 3D.

Stereolithography (SLA; also known as optical fabrication, photo-solidification, solid free-form fabrication and solid imaging) is an additive manufacturing (or 3D printing) technology used for producing models, prototypes, patterns, and production parts.

SLA laser Stereolithography rapid prototyping technologies suitable for the production of small and medium parts, directly from the resin or plastic-like product. Mainly used for prototyping of concept models, or used to make simple assembly test, inspection and process planning.


1. Time savings: functional parts can be manufactured as shortly as within a day.
2. Prototyping accuracy is 0.1mm.
3. High resolution prototypes.
4. Cost savings.