Shining 3D Scanners For Education

Engineering practice and occupational skills training center is designed to build the common design technology platform for layout of innovative design process: provide students with the space for stimulating new originality and innovation , the design tools for transforming concept sketch or real objects to 3D digital model, hardware support for getting 3D data from 3d scanning products, the intelligent manufacturing system that creates physical model from digital model quickly ,and the manufacturing support for realizing small batch production of products.

Engineering practice and occupational skills training center would provide the students of many engineering majors, such as engineering design, model design and mechanical manufacturing, with professional training service, and also would provide convenience for disciplines construction, vocational education, development of teaching & research and external cooperation.

Base on the engineering training center of each college , many new type manufacturing equipment and assistant tools are added ,such as 3D scanner equipment ,3D digital software, 3D printer , kinds of CAD/CAM/CAE software , 3D scanning detection system ,3D printing and manufacturing equipment , advanced laser system , virtual reality and ergonomics. With these equipment and tools, the connotation of engineering training center is extended to an integrated platform that collect digital design, analysis and manufacturing as one, and would provide experimental support for digital research & development of products ,and machining simulation in workshop and production line.


The integrated scheme from engineering training center of SHINING 3D would provide following supports for customers in field of education: 

1. Would instruct student to know well materials, technical points, cost for different processing so that they would have perceptual knowledge, at the same time, they are able to link theory with practice, think and practice, the comprehensive ability are developed .

2. Strengthen the teaching model that link theory with practice , create a practice teaching environment with complete software and hardware, set up production and education platform ,and take project -based teaching method so that the teaching of colleges are improved to a higher level.

3. Give technical support for teachers’ team in terms of scientific research innovation, and benefits the smoothly performance of scientific research project and transforms it to achievements in scientific research, and improve the ability of industrialization of laboratory products and efficiency.