About Us

Founded in 1987, UMAX is a pioneer in simple-to-use, innovative, great value-for-money technology products. Its wide product portfolio includes a complete range of peripherals and accessories for a modern day PC user and covers scanners, speakers, headphones, memory products, digital cameras, casings, web cameras, keyboards, mice, pen drives etc. UMAX has evolved as an expert in the field of imaging technology; it captures over 30% share of the flatbed scanner market across India, Germany, Taiwan, Indonesia & Israel.

UMAX has won several design, industry, trade and consumer media awards which serve as a testament of its sustained excellence in bringing out high-performance and cutting-edge technology products. In the last couple of years, UMAX has been one of the front-runners in several product reviews and comparison tests featured in various leading technology publications (online & print) including CHIP, Computer Active, Techtree, Tech2, T3, to name a few.

UMAX has made its mark as one of the most trusted brands amongst partners. Various channel promotion schemes run for the UMAX brand are a hit amongst partners as these have given them ample opportunity to earn both higher margins and returns on investment. With its unique blend of user-friendly products, cost-effective, state-of-the-art technology products, UMAX offers a great combination to partners and consumers, alike.


Now UMAX offers selected 3D scanners to satisfy new 3D market's demands. Since 2011 UMAX started to work with many different 3D solutions in order to help customers' various projects. Times goes by, we have tested all kinds of 3D products. Now the products we offer here are proven, solid solutions for many levels of projects. Since 2013, UMAX has helped businesses look at themselves in a new 3D ages, to reach beyond what is possible, to chart new territories, to identify and maintain a competitive edge.



That’s what the power of UMAX Network is all about. We invite you to learn how UMAX can manage your image processing technology and work for your competitive advantage.




We are a team with joy and passion. Most of us have been working in this company more than 10 years and we don't want to quit! Why? Because we are passionate about serving our customers. In these days, the cost to repair a computer or printer may be just like the cost to buy a new computer, but we thought about our customers and would like to provide a better way to let customer finish the repair deal with very reasonable budget. In the same way, at this online store, based on 15 year service experience, we select the several particular product models which can satisfy many professional's need. We are glad to say "We are here to serve!"