Instruction for UMAX Powerlook 2100XL USB scanner in Windows 7


Installation Instruction for Windows 7:

Step 1:
Install MagicScan 6.0 software from MagicScan 6.0 CD provided by UMAX 2100XL USB scanner. Select all default options to complete this process. Restart your computer after you finish..

Step 2:
If you don't have patch file CD available, download a patch file to your computer and remember its location. Download link is below:

Please Download Here

Step 3:
Turn on your Powerlook 2100XL USB scanner and connect USB cable into your computer USB port. You can ignore any message saying failure of scanner installation.

Step 4:
Open "Device Manager", Double click on "Image Device" and locate USB 2.0 Scanner with yellow ? mark. Right click on this yellow ? mark USB 2.0 scanner and select "Property", "Driver". Click on "Update Driver".


Step 5:
Select "Browse my computer for driver software".

Step 6:
Select the bottom "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer..........."
Step 7:
Select "Imaging Device" from the list.

Step 8:
Click on "Have Disk" button.

Step 9:
Click on "Browse" button to locate the patch file from patch CD or patch driver file you just download earlier. (There is only one file in patch CD)

 Step 10:
Highlight the model Powerlook 2100XL and click on "Next". Ignore the warning message below.
 Step 11:
Click on "Yes" to ignore the warning message.
 Step 12:
Click on "Install this driver software anyway" to ignore the warning message again.

 You are done. Click on "Ok" or "Close" buttons and close all existing windows. Now you can open MagicScan 6.0 program and you are ready to use this scanner!