Umax Scanner Cleaning Request Information

Techville Inc is now offering a cleaning service for consumer and professional level scanners. This service will be offered for in warranty and out of warranty customers. The cleaning process includes cleaning of the scanner glass including the scanners transparency adapter UTA / UTC if present. Umax will also remove any dust build up or foreign objects from the scanner if detected during the cleaning process and apply lubrication when necessary to prolong the scanner's life and aid in preventative maintenance.
Reasons to Have Your Umax Scanner Cleaned:

  1. Dust or debris is negatively altering your scanning output resolution or preventing proper calibration of your scanner.

  2. Prevent possibly damaging your scanner and voiding the manufacturers warranty by opening the unit and causing accidental damage to sensitive internal components.

  3. Most cleaning agents used will eventually cause damage to the scanner if used improperly and can eventually lead to costly repairs.

  4. Prolong the life of your Umax scanner.

How much will it cost to have my Umax scanner cleaned?

  • Consumer Scanners Out of Warranty (Astra Series) - $60.00 UTA / UTC included

  • Professional Scanners Out of Warranty (PowerLook Series) - $120.00 UTA / UTC included.

How do I arrange to have my Umax scanner cleaned?

Please email us at to get a copy of the "Scanner Cleaning Request" form.